“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” has been out for a few weeks, so gameplay tips are starting to trickle in. Thanks to 17thspartan on Reddit, we can reveal how to get more than 20,000 credits in Golem City in a few minutes. Story SPOILERS are coming, but they’re necessary for explanation.

In the second section of Golem City, Adam’s informant named Tibor mentions Louis Gallios shop as a way to get to the Arc. To the right of the area’s noticeable elevator is a flight of stairs. At the top is Louis’ shop.

In order to make use of the trick you’ll need either two multitools or to be a level 5 Hacker. The Cloak augmentation is also mandatory. In the shop you’ll find a series of level-5 locks. Dismantling them with a multitool requires no cloaking, but hackers should be clocked for this part. With the locks dispatched, the next step is to open the protective cages that house the weapons. Before taking anything, cloaking is absolutely necessary for all players.

The weapon cache is divided into two Tranquilizer Rifles, a Sniper, two Stun Guns, two Battle Rifles, two Combat Rifles, three 10mm Pistols and two Shotguns. To make the most of the heist, take just one of each weapon type at a time and sell them back to Louis. It takes several trips, but it actually nets more credits in the end. To make sure your customized weapons don’t mix with Louis’, it may be helpful to drop your personal inventory first.

Beyond that single cache, the source post also mentions how to get an additional Tranquilizer Rifle and Shotgun. The former requires the Remote Hack augmentation and can be found after being introduced to Viktor Marchenko. Following the cutscene location, move toward the room’s far wall and the rifle is on the left and above a shed with a blue door. A large white container with the Remote Hack symbol should also be above the shed. Hack it, exit the room, turn right at the elevator, move onto the ledge and go down the ladder. At the bottom, there should be a door to the shop.

The Shotgun is a bit simpler. From the same cutscene location, the main mission waypoint will lead players to an area blocked by lasers. Just before that is a locked room on the left. Hacking the keypad opens a room with two boxes. Moving one of them will reveal a weapon storage locker ahead. Simply crawl through the space and get the gun.

At most, performing all of these tasks will offer 20,116 credits. Those that elect not to get the two bonus guns will earn 16,944 credits. Regardless of which path is chosen, this tip is a great way to get enough cash to purchase a Praxis Kit or two for powerful upgrades.

“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more tips, be sure to check out our PC performance guide!

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