Devil May Cry 5 Stage
Aside from trailers, conference shows, and Youtube videos, we'll now be seeing Devil May Cry 5 soon for ourselves. Pictured: Hideaki Itsuno and Matthew Walker introduce 'Devil May Cry 5' by Capcom during the Microsoft xBox E3 briefing at the Microsoft Theater on June 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The E3 Game Conference begins on Tuesday June 12. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

The official "Devil May Cry 5" channel recently released a video showing what its live action cutscenes will look like. Instead of looking like an actual movie, the live action cutscenes instead seem like low-cost recreations of the game cutscenes, revealing a funny and endearing side to the game’s development. Here’s what we know about this.

As seen on the official "Devil May Cry 5" Youtube channel, the Pre-Viz live action cutscenes feature versions of the game’s cutscenes when they were still being developed. While the footage shows crude action, it’s actually a funny experience as you can see the "Devil May Cry 5" development staff using props to recreate the scene they are envisioning for the game.

Moreover, the stand-ins for animals and other demon creatures are also being played by people, which somehow ruins the mood of serious scenes and makes your playthrough silly.

Aside from that, the new update is only available for users who’ve purchased the deluxe edition. No announcements have been made regarding whether or not the new additions will be available to standard users too.

Fans are now just waiting for the weekend to be able to play “Devil May Cry 5” this March 8. Many fans have been eager for this entry since Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno announced he was working on a mystery game, which turned out to be "Devil May Cry 5."

The "Devil May Cry" series was rebooted by Ninja Theory and received a lot flak during its development and upon release. While the fans have warmed up to the "Devil May Cry" reboot entry, others are still hoping for another game featuring the original "Devil May Cry" characters.

So far, the confirmed playable cast are Dante, Nero and the newcomer, V. Each character has their own fighting style, which many fans are looking forward to seeing. More than these characters, many fans also seem to look forward to seeing Trish, Lady, and even Vergil to return as a playable character in this entry.

As seen in the Pre-Viz live action trailer, none of the characters shown somehow tease or hint at a clue for a new piece of content in the game. We'll need to wait until its release in a few more days to see what else the "Devil May Cry 5" game has in store.