• A Special Edition "Devil May Cry 5" will be launch on the same day when the PlayStation 5 arrives
  • "Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition" will utilize the console's ray-tracing capability and can run at 120fps
  • The game features Turbo Mode, Legendary Dark Knight difficulty and Virgil as a playable character

Capcom has announced that “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” will be launched digitally together with Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.

The news was revealed during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, with Matt Walker providing more details in a recent blog. The Capcom producer said they wanted to treat fans with genuine next-gen experience and to add “key content” that they have been asking for. These, according to Walker, are two of Capcom’s main goals in the creation of DMC5SE.

The special edition “Devil May Cry 5” will take advantage of the PS5’s novel ray-tracing capabilities, which gave Walker and his team to give the game more “stunning graphics with even more realistic lighting.”

Devil May Cry 5 poster
Like a promotional poster, V makes himself useful battle just by being there while his pets scramble and scrap foes for him to finish off. Pictured: : Attendees wait to enter the Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 5 booth during the Tokyo Game Show 2018 on September 20, 2018 in Chiba, Japan. The Tokyo Game Show is held from September 20 to 23, 2018. Getty Images/Tomohiro Ohsumi

“Up until now, our artists have always had to create an approximation of reflections by hand to achieve that effect – by the race tracing architecture in PlayStation 5 gives us ‘more power’ to provide true reflections in real-time,” wrote Walker.

Along this line, players will now have a choice to turn on ray tracing to either prioritize resolution or frame rate. In addition, the PS5 will also give them the capability to run DMC5SE at 120 fps with a compatible display. They can do this by turning on the game’s High Framerate Mode.

The console’s hardware allowed Capcom to tweak 3D audio and use DualSense’s upgraded haptic feedback to provide “the same sensation that Nero and Dante do as they wield DMC’s trademark arsenal of weapons.”

As for their fans’ request, Walker pointed out that a Turbo Mode, a fan favorite that was first seen DMC3SE, will be introduced in DMC5SE that will allow them to play the game at 1.2x the normal speed. There is also a Legendary Dark Knight difficulty that will make levels more difficult with more enemies and bigger combos.

Lastly, fans will now be able to play Virgil, a favorite character of the original game. The character got a Concentration Gauge upgrade back in “Devil May Cry 4” “which reflected his calm and deadly nature.” In Special Edition, Capcom gave Virgil more interesting gameplay. Engadget said Virgil will be available as a $6 DLC for older consoles.

“Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” will be available for the PS5 at $39.99. The game will also grace the Xbox Series X and Series S.