Devious Maids Season 2 spoilers
What will happen in episode 8 of "Devious Maids"? Get the Season 2 scoop here! Lifetime/Devious Maids

Well, that was an eventful episode! On Sunday night, the hit Lifetime series “Devious Maids” aired a very dramatic episode 7, named “Betrayal,” which sums up the episode perfectly.

In this episode of Marc Cherry's prime-time soap opera, fans got their fill of nail-biting action when drama between Marisol, Opal and Nicholas escalated to an all-time high. By the end of “Betrayal,” Dahlia’s husband had almost joined Alejandro as part of Season 2's body count when Opal ran Nick over with a car.

Opal went rogue after Marisol gave Nick an ultimatum demanding that either his conniving maid, who clearly has dirt on him, leave -- or else she would. In "Betrayal," Nick chooses Marisol, and he receives the brunt of Opal’s wrath, which hits him like a truck -- literally.

So, where does this leave us for episode 8, “Night, Mother,” which will air Sunday, June 8, at 10 p.m. EDT? Well, according to the episode synopsis, Nick will somehow survive the “accident,” and in the upcoming episode, he’ll ask Marisol a surprising question.

But Nick won’t be the only one going out on a limb in “Night, Mother.” According to the summary, fans can expect Opal to ask her son for help, which we assume has something to do with the maid’s bumper car incident. The synopsis continues with teasers regarding “Genevieve inviting Zoila and Javier over for dinner, Evelyn and Adrian attempting to outsmart one another, Ty misbehaving and Lucinda and Rosie getting into a bit of an argument.” Sounds like a typical “Devious Maids” plot to us!

What else can we tell you about episode 8? As fans already know, Cherry has opted to name every episode in Season 2 after a well-known play. And episode 8 happens to be named after a 1983 play by Marsha Norman.

’Night, Mother” is a play about a daughter, Jessie, and her mother, Thelma, who is referred to as “Mama” in the play. According to the summary, the storyline opens with Jessie telling her mother that she'll be dead by morning after committing suicide as she nonchalantly tidies up around the house. Her casual behavior is one of the aspects that make the play so chilling.

As the play progresses, Jessie reveals, little by little, how she plans to kill herself -- with one fatal shot from her deceased father’s service revolver -- and the reasoning behind her suicidal plans.

Jessie is a divorced woman who has suffered from epilepsy all her life. She’s also said to have raised a son who grew up to be a petty thief. In addition to her troubled life at home, Jessie can’t seem to land a job, which adds more woe to her “stale and unprofitable” life. This all leads to a disturbing yet unavoidable climax when Jessie quietly locks herself in her bedroom.

It seems that every character from “Devious Maids” in one way or another can relate to the distressing plot of Norma’s play. Sound off in the comments section below about what you think will happen when next week's episode airs on Sunday.