“Devious Maids”
“Devious Maids” fans tuned in by the thousands for the shocking Season 4 finale — but it wasn't enough to convince network executives to renew it for Season 5. Lifetime

Sorry, “Devious Maids” fans — it looks like you won’t be getting the scoop on that bloody Season 4 cliffhanger after all.

On Thursday Deadline reported that Lifetime chose not to renew the show for a fifth season. No reason was given for the decision, but the publication notes that “Devious Maids” ratings took a nosedive over the years. In its premiere season the show brought in a whopping 3 million live and same day viewers for the finale, dropping to just 0.923 million viewers tuning in to the Season 4 finale.

Ana Ortiz, who played Marisol on the show, responded to the show’s cancelation on Twitter. A fan reached out to Ortiz with a question about her character's well-being, which she happily answered. She later retweeted another fan wondering why the show hadn’t been renewed, urging them to “#AskLifetime.”

Other stars on the show took to Twitter and Instagram to apologize to fans and thank them for their support over the years. Sharon Lawrence called the “Devious Maids” world “delicious,” joking about her time on the show while Dania Ramirez took to Instagram to thank the “#DeviousArmy” and, more specifically, fans of her character Rosie. She signed off one final time, sending lots of love to her supporters.

The cancellation appears to have come as a surprise to showrunners, who previously discussed plans for Season 5. TV Line reported that executive producer Sabrina Wind revealed plans to tell a new story in the forthcoming season. She suggested that the show writers had “many thoughts” about where to go with Marisol’s disappearance assuring fans that a very different story was coming down the pipeline.

The show ended on a cliffhanger, leaving it open to a fifth season. Fans had already begun speculating about what may be revealed when the show returned, including answers about Marisol’s (Ana Ortiz) disappearance. A number of theories popped up about what may have happened to her, including nerves, kidnapping, and more. Unfortunately the world may never know.

“Devious Maids” wrapped Aug. 8 with a shocking finale. During the episode, titled “Grime and Punishment,” Rosie (Dania Ramirez) weighs in on the unsolved murder of Spence’s (Grant Show) ex-wife (Marian Kalveno). She suggests that the same man who drugged and raped Peri Westmore years ago may be responsible for the killing. Marisol chimes in on the discussion, revealing that she knows someone who experienced something similar. She goes on to reveal, however, that it was a man named Hugh Metzer (Sam McMurray) who carried out the crime. Carmen immediately goes flush and spirals into a panic. She quickly calls Dani (Sol Rodriguez), who is working with the accused killer to prepare for a part in a movie.

Dani is convinced that her mother is simply trying to sabotage her and brushes off her claims — that is, until things with Hugh take a turn for the uncomfortable. He offers her a glass of wine to help her “loosen up.” Dani outsmarts him, swapping their glasses. Before long he passes out and Dani seizes the opportunity to call Carmen back. Dani questions whether he’s dead and the two begin to hatch a plan to get rid of him. Hugh awakens to Carmen, Rosie and Dani hovering over him and is confused. He questions them about their identities, and gets only sass in return.

“We’re maids and we’re not messing around,” Carmen quips. She then coaxes information out of him, threatening to get violent. Hugh shares the truth about what he did to Peri all those years ago, telling the women that she did not go to the police after the incident and he is now paying for that mistake. Hugh claims that The Circle is out to get him and is taking advantage of the situation, using it for their own financial gain.

Meanwhile Adrian (Tom Irwin), who recently proposed to Gail (Julie Claire), is hoping to make Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) jealous. His plan is foiled when Evelyn calls him out during their engagement party. She surprises him and everyone else by turning their celebration into a wedding. Gail arrives to the party late after her father suffers a heart attack. When she gets there, Marisol and Carmen fill her in on the situation. She rushes inside to find Adrian, but he’s nowhere to be found. Instead she’s met by Rosie, who has a bone to pick with her. Gail shows no remorse, calling Peri’s murder “a public service.” Gail is shoved into the back of a police cruiser as Spence and another inmate, both of whom only recently escaped prison, are being threatened. As it turns out, Kill Face (Owen Harn) was worried that Zoila (Judy Reyes) had alerted authorities to their whereabouts and pulled his weapon. Spence acts fast, stopping Kill Face from harming Zoila and instead getting shot himself. The bullet misses his vital organs, but is damaging none the less.

“Devious Maids”
“Devious Maids” fans may never know what happened to Marisol (Ana Ortiz) — Lifetime has decided not to renew the show for Season 5. Lifetime