“Devious Maids” Season 4 Spoilers
The ladies of “Devious Maids” solved Season 4’s jaw-dropping murder mystery in the finale episode of the hit Lifetime series. Lifetime

Well, we weren’t expecting that! On Monday night, Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” managed to shock us once again with its jaw-dropping plot twist of a finale. In episode 10, titled “Grime and Punishment,” our favorite maids uncovered the truth about who really killed Peri Westmore.

The drama-drenched hour kicks off with Rosie (Dania Ramirez) sharing her theories on who murdered the ex-wife (Marian Kalveno) of her husband Spence (Grant Show). While chatting with her friends over a cup of coffee, Rosie dishes that she believes the killer is the same man who drugged and raped Peri years ago.

That’s when Marisol (Ana Ortiz) chimes in that she too knows someone who had a similar experience. “The man who raped her was Hugh Metzer (Sam McMurray),” Marisol reveals the rapists name only to have Carmen’s complexion run flush. Carmen begins to panic as she dials Dani’s (Sol Rodriguez) cell phone number. Apparently her daughter is with the alleged killer working on her lines for the director’s upcoming movie based on Marisol’s book.

But Dani thinks this is a ploy of her mother’s to try and ruin her career. The idea quickly dissolves when Hugh offers the young actress a glass of wine to help her “loosen up.” However, it’s Hugh who ends up loosening up when Dani swaps their glasses. He passes out due to the drugs he slipped into the beverage, prompting Dani to call Carmen for help.

“Is he dead?” she asks Carmen.

“Unfortunately, no,” Carmen replies. After discovering Hugh still has a pulse, Carmen tells her daughter she has an idea — one that involves Rosie and a makeshift blow torch.

“Who the hell are you?” Hugh says to the three ladies when he wakes up from his drugged slumber.

“We’re maids and we’re not messing around,” Carmen cleverly responds before trying to get answers from the movie executive. At first, Hugh is reluctant to give the girls any information but is persuaded otherwise when Carmen holds up a can of oven cleaner and a lighter.

That’s when Hugh reveals the entire story about what he did to Peri. He unveils that Peri didn’t go to the police after he drugged, raped and got her pregnant but that he’s paying for it now … “through the nose.” According to Hugh, The Circle is blackmailing him for what he did, taking advantage of Peri’s rape to financially benefit them. “They’ve been using it against me,” he says. “I’ve been bankrolling them for years.”

Hugh, who was at Peri’s party the night she was killed, even admitted that she saw him attempt to rape another woman the very same night. This time, however, she threatened to go to the police. But Hugh claims he wasn’t the one who killed him.

“Peri was killed to protect your secrets,” Rosie tells him. “If you didn’t kill her, who did?” That’s when Hugh begins to piece together the deadly puzzle. “Oh my God. She wouldn’t,” Hugh tearfully says to himself before having a heart attack.

But who is the “she” Hugh was referring to? Well, thanks to a video of Peri’s Circle confessional that Kyle (Ryan McPartlin) obtained, Rosie was able to figure out that Hugh’s daughter previously gave Peri an ultimatum: Peri could go to the police or she could let Hugh turn her into a star. Peri chose the later.

“Maybe that’s the woman [Hugh] was talking about!” Rosie says to Marisol after watching the tape, adding that Hugh’s daughter “must be evil” to try and cover his heinous crimes. It was then revealed that Hugh’s daughter is as evil as the come when the a scene shows Gail (Julie Claire) comforting Hugh in the hospital following his heart attack.

Adrian (Tom Irwin) recently proposed to Gail hoping to make Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) jealous. But Evelyn calls Adrian’s bluff, turning their engagement party into an impromptu wedding — one that Gail is late to due to her father’s heart attack. When Gail arrives to the party, Marisol and Carmen tell her that Adrian is waiting for her inside. But Adrian, who ends up locking lips with Evelyn following their divorce, is nowhere to be found. Instead, Rosie is waiting for Gail inside the study.

“I need to talk to you about Peri Westmore. I knew her so did my husband Spence Westmore,” she says to Gail. “He didn’t kill her. You did. You were protecting your father, Hugh Metzger.”

But Gail shows no remorse for her actions and takes pride in the fact she killed Peri. “As far as I’m concerned, killing Peri was a public service,” she barks back, adding that no one will believe a “dumb maid” over her. That’s when Rosie gets the last laugh. She unveils she is wearing a microphone, allowing the authorities to listen in on the confession. That’s when Gail is taken away in handcuffs.

While “Jail Gail” is shoved into the back of a cop car, Spence, who escaped from prison with another inmate, is starring down the barrel of a gun. Kill Face (Owen Harn) was fearful that Zoila (Judy Reyes) had called the police on them, which is when he pulled out his weapon. But Spence refuses to let Kill Face aim the gun at her. Instead, he takes a bullet to the gut but luckily it misses his vital organs.

As Spence is rushed to the hospital, Peter (James Denton) races to propose to Marisol — something he’s wanted to do for quite some time. That’s when the episode flashes a year into the future at Marisol and Peter’s wedding. While waiting for Marisol to walk down the aisle, it’s revealed that Rosie and Spence have welcomed a baby together and Adrian and Zoila still have a rather odd friendship.

But our minds quickly wander from the potential hookup between Adrian and Zoila to questioning where Marisol is. According to Evelyn, she was right behind her before she disappeared. That’s when Marisol, Carmen and Zoila investigate the bridal suite. “I don’t think she got cold feet,” Zoila says as they uncover a broken window covered in blood.