Fans of Amy’s Baking Company were thrilled to hear the unlikely supporting stars from “Kitchen Nightmares” would be coming back for another episode to battle chef Gordon Ramsay. The duo was slated to appear on the premiere of the cooking show on Thursday, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that will happen anymore.

Even more bad news for ABC fans, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo were supposed to appear on an episode of the “Dr. Phil” show, but now that’s not happening either. So what’s going on?

Drama continued to surround ABC as they battled commenters on Yelp and Facebook -- so their fans were satiated for a little while until one of the most controversial reality stars returned to battle the British chef on “Kitchen Nightmares.” The good news is that ABC will still appear on “KN” but it won’t be tomorrow. Instead, viewers will have to wait another week or two, according to

The news site wrote the Bouzaglos were scheduled to chat with Dr. Phil today, but that’s also been postponed. Instead viewers of the "Dr. Phil" show will see an episode called “A Lying, Cheating, Violent Husband or a Wife’s False Accusations?" in place of an interview with the restaurateurs.

The bottom line for ABC appearances not working out is all chalked up to “scheduling conflicts,” but wondered if deportation rumors with Samy were to blame for the couple not being able to make their appearances.

Surprisingly, the usually candid owners haven’t spoken out on social media. Instead, they submitted the following statement to AZ Central via about why they wouldn’t be making their appearances on television:

“Unfortunately right now we really can not say anything. But we can say that they have begun to realize that they have underestimated my husband and I, and our unwillingness to allow them to exploit us is becoming very clear.”

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