Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska on Season 5b of "Teen Mom 2." MTV

“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska, 22, seems to have most everything together in her life, but she might have made a big mistake that could cost her her job as a cosmetologist.

The show is returning to MTV for the second half of season 5, which is being called “5b,” and in a sneak peek for the premiere, the aspiring cosmetologist received a notice from the South Dakota Department of Labor charging her with a violation.

Houska helped out at a friend’s wedding, an apparent no-no for someone who does not yet have her aesthetician license.

“So I just got this letter in the mail — they’re withholding my license because of the wedding I helped you with,” she told her friend Landon on the phone. The pair, along with the “Teen Mom 2” star’s daughter Aubree, decided to meet for lunch to discuss the matter.

“Please find a copy of a complaint that has been filed against you for performing aesthetic service for a wedding while you were unlicensed,” she read from the letter.

Then she added: “So basically, you can’t do it if you’re getting paid — which we weren’t.”

According to Houska, the state discovered she was apparently practicing without a license through posts on social media. The reality star and her friend reason that they were not paid for their services, therefore they weren’t violating any laws and her license should not be withheld.

To find out what happens with her career, tune in to MTV Wednesday night at 10/9c for Season 5b of “Teen Mom 2.”

Check out the clip below:

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