Kim Kardashian divorce North West, Kanye West
Gossip Cop, a gossip debunking site, slammed reports suggesting that Kim Kardashian was distracted by divorce from Kanye West that she let her daughter North West fall down, along with other divorce rumors. In this photo, (left to right) Alia Wang, Kardashian, North and Kanye West are seen attending the Alexander Wang Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Pier 94 on Feb. 14, 2015 in New York City. Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Gossip Cop has slammed reports over the weekend speculating that Kim Kardashian allowed her daughter North West to fall down because she was distracted by rumors about her marriage to Kanye West.

Reports of trouble between West and Kardashian have been published by Radar Online including one Saturday where the gossip website published photos of the couple kissing when Kardashian dropped West off at Los Angeles International Airport. The report went on to speculate if the kiss was “just for show.” The report also said that despite owning several deeply tinted vehicles, the couple chose one with high window visibility and described the kiss as “sloppy.”

After the kiss, “The Life of Pablo” album-maker reportedly talked to media persons at the airport, which Radar Online said was uncharacteristic of him. “I really appreciate my wife and her family who have supported me especially in the past 2-3 weeks where people were like 'He really must be going crazy,’” West said, according to Radar Online.

On Sunday, Radar Online published a set of photos showing West and Kardashian’s daughter North West falling down when the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was not looking at her, because her shoelace was untied. Kardashian and North were accompanied by two other people who were entering a Toys R Us store and helped the child get up. The report also speculated if Kardashian was distracted by reports of a divorce.

Gossip Cop slammed both reports calling them “totally untrue and absurd.” The gossip debunking site also said that North’s fall was just accidental and focused on the fact that the toddler got back up on her feet smiling. It also ridiculed the website saying that parents do not “let” their kids fall down.

The report also said that the divorce rumors were just a fabrication and cited a representative for Kardashian as saying: “They are not getting divorced.”

According to rumors, Kardashian was allegedly pressured by momager Kris Jenner to end her marriage with West after several Twitter rants by the “Famous” singer. The reports claimed Jenner felt that the family’s reputation was being ruined by West’s rants. He also revealed last month that he had amassed a debt of $53 million. However, Kardashian took to her website to post a message saying that she supported her husband and the way he expresses himself online.

Reports had also claimed that Kardashian is drawing up divorce papers and that she has “secretly spoken to divorce attorneys.” Gossip Cop also debunked speculation triggered by reports that Kardashian was seen without her ring.