Lamar Odom
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Khloe Kardashian is probably living in a nightmare since she’s had to face rumors that her husband cheated on her with three different women while abusing crack cocaine and now, most recently, it’s been said he overdosed. The two haven’t been spending too much time together since his run-in with the law, but she still has strong feelings for her NBA star hubby.

According to celebrity news site TMZ, rumors that Odom had OD’d on crack began to circulate last week, but once Kardashian got a load of the rumors she freak out. The news site said the 29-year-old reality starlet “panicked” and began to call her estranged husband repeatedly but her calls just went to voicemail. She even reached out to his friends, lots of them, just to see if the rumor was really true.

Once she finally got a hold of the former Los Angeles Lakers player, he told the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star he was fine and the rumors were false. According to TMZ, he was staying at their downtown loft.

Even though she became worried after hearing Odom had supposedly overdosed, Kardashian wasn’t willing to let him come back to the marital mansion unless he sought treatment. The news site said their phone call ended shortly after the reality star put her foot down about Odom quitting crack.

Kardashian and Odom have both continued to wear their wedding ring even though publicly it looks like their marriage is ruined. Kardashian was even caught filming an episode of “KUWTK” with her ring on.