Fans of “Sister Wives” were pleasantly surprised when they learned on the show’s Tell-All special that Meri and Kody were once again working on their relationship and were in a good place again after years of strife following their divorce and Meri’s Catfishing scandal. However, some are wondering if that may have just been an admission for the cameras and isn’t reality.

Radar Online notes that Meri has an active social media presence, but her husband has been conspicuously absent from her posts during the last few months. The last time he featured in any images on her Instagram feed was when they went out to celebrate her birthday in January, and prior to that, outside of posts of the family wishing fans a Merry Christmas and celebrating the one year anniversary of her bed and breakfast’s opening, Kody was absent from her page for more than a year.

This noticeable absence on her profile comes after the couple admitted on the Tell-All special of their current season that they are moving forward and getting past their drama, which began with their shocking divorce a few years ago and was immediately followed by Meri’s Catfishing scandal.

“We have a commitment to a marriage. We've had to discover our new baseline. It changes through the years...We’re moving forward. We’re steadily working on a direction that’s fully mended,” Kody said at the time.

“We are dating,” he added. “We literally got to a place that was nasty. We’re not doing that anymore. It’s a new date, a new girlfriend, a new person.”

In addition to the potential drama that could still be surrounding their relationship, Meri has admitted that despite being there for almost a year, Flagstaff still doesn’t feel like home for her, saying in a post that a part of her was missing Las Vegas.

“Yesterday I had this overwhelming emotion of missing Las Vegas, the place I called home for nearly 8 years. I mean, I was really, really sad for not living there anymore. So much life there, so many friends. It was home for me. I loved it,” she captioned an Instagram post.

“Then this morning I wake up, sun is shining, beautiful day, I mean, my back yard is the mountains for heavens sake! How could I not love this?? Though I’m new here to Flagstaff and it doesn’t feel like home yet, I look forward to this summer, exploring the city, the amazing nature that surrounds me, and of course meeting new people, trustworthy friends. There’s a lot of life ahead of me here, and I’m anxious to see where it takes me,” she continued.

If Meri does have some regrets about a move to Flagstaff, that could be a reason for any alleged tension in her marriage now.

“Sister Wives” has not yet been picked up for another season on TLC.