Miley Cyrus figured out how to get a topless photo on Instagram and the Internet, generally, was very happy about it. A simple search for Miley Cyrus on Google will show “Instagram” and now “nipple” was added to that list after the pop star pulled a little trick on the picture social media site.

Cyrus doesn’t have to do too much to get people talking, but she generally likes to go the provocative route and show off her extra-feminine features. On Father’s Day weekend the “Wrecking Ball” singer took it a step further by sharing a picture that exposed her nipple, but slipped under Instagram’s censor radar’s by covering her X-rated part with a cute cartoon bird.

In a pre-shower Alfalfa-style selfie, the former “Hannah Montana” star captioned the photo “#preshoweralfalfaselfielife.” It’s not too surprising the image received nearly 600,000 likes after being on the site for a day.

But pushing the nipple envelope isn’t new for Cyrus. In December, the 21-year-old singer posted a topless photo to Twitter for Christmas and covered her ta-tas with “Merry Christmas” hearts. She tagged @freethenipple in the post, showing her support.

According to Cyrus, the topless photos aren’t for attention; they’re for equality. It’s illegal for women to be topless in 37 U.S. states.

Cyrus supports the movie, “Free The Nipple,” directed by Lina Esco. The film is a documentary to “protest the backwards censorship laws in the USA,” the Internet Movie Database said.

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