Fans’ undying love of NSYNC left them disappointed after Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday didn’t feature a band reunion. Though the group didn’t come together that night, Lance Bass still gave everyone a little treat the next day when his Fox LA interview dishing on all things NSYNC was released.

One of the first things Bass spilled on? The truth about whether or not the boy band lip-synched back in the day.

“Once the boy band craziness happened, everyone always wants to downplay you and think that you’re lip-syncing everything, which a lot of those bands did over in Europe, but us and Backstreet [Boys] didn’t,” he revealed. “And it was so frustrating to bands like us because we worked so hard on really singing and there was times on TV that I wish we would’ve [lip-synced] because they weren’t set up right, but we never would.”

It would irritate Bass when people would dismiss them as a group that didn’t actually sing because they started out as an a cappella group and worked hard to train for their performances.

“You had to condition yourself pretty quickly,” he said. “The good thing about us not getting a record deal for so long was that we had several months to go to this warehouse in Orlando that was 110 degrees and we learned how to dance and sing without being out of breath. And that was hard to condition yourself.”

The band pushed through all of the negative comments to record multiple albums, selling millions of copies along the way and selling out a slew of tours. After all of that, though, and all the time that’s passed, Bass did share that there are some songs of theirs he’d prefer to never hear again.

“Where do we begin,” he joked about having several songs he longer wants to listen to. “Our techno stuff from Germany was not my favorite. There’s one called ‘Riddle,’ which you can’t even get in America, but if you ever find ‘Riddle’ by NSYNC, woo, that’s not good.”

He continued: “Then the one song that I can’t do is ‘Here We Go’ from the first album. It was one of the first songs we ever recorded. I don’t like songs that name-check people, especially your own group and so, you know, ‘NSYNC has got the flow,’ uh-uh.”

It’s not just the name-checking, though. Bass said he is also sick of the track because it’s all he hears in his head every single time he goes on a plane, which, he said, is about once a week.

“Every single time I take off on a plane, that’s the song that goes in my head,” he said. “Every time it starts speeding up, it goes ‘Here we go.’ Every single time. And it’s been since the late 90s and I fly once a week.”