The only child Prince was known to have had died shortly after birth, but since the performer’s own death, multiple people have claimed a kin relationship with the singer, pictured Feb. 25, 2007. Getty Images

A long list of potential heirs has emerged after the “Purple Rain” performer Prince died of a rumored drug overdose April 21. The legendary singer is known to have fathered only one child, who has been called Boy Gregory Nelson, but he died a week after he was born. Since Prince’s own death, however, various people have claimed to be descendants of the Minnesota-based musician — and Prince’s estate wants potential heirs to pay for their own DNA tests.

Bremer Trust Bank, which is in charge of Prince’s estate, asked a judge to approve its request, which would have anybody who makes a claim pay for genetic testing, TMZ reported Monday. There’s already one man who has claimed he is a biological son of Prince, convicted felon Carlin Q. Williams.

Because Prince’s estate has been flooded with requests for paternity tests, there is a new protocol in place to handle potential claimants. “Any party claiming a genetic relationship to the decedent that may give rise to heirship must file an affidavit with the court setting forth the facts that establish the reasonable possibility of the existence of such a relationship,” Carver County Judge Kevin W. Eide said in a court filing Monday, according to Radar Online. “The special administrator is authorized to engage DNA Diagnostics Center to perform the blood and genetic testing required to determine if a genetic relationship to the decedent exists.”

Most recently, an unnamed minor has been claimed to be Prince’s great-niece or great-nephew, Radar Online reported. The minor is the grandchild of Duane Joseph Nelson Sr., Prince’s half brother. “Senior grew up together with Prince. Senior eventually became head of security for Prince through employer, Paisley Park, but he subsequently was terminated in the mid-90’s and became estranged from Prince,” Wisconsin attorney Michael B. Padden said in an official letter filed with a Minnesota judge.

Prince was 57 at the time of his death. Unless heirs are discovered, his estimated $300 million fortune will be split among his six siblings.

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