Was there a time when Princess Diana, Prince William and Camilla Parker Bowles stepped out together?

A throwback photo of the royal mother and son was shared on Instagram. In the snap, Princess Diana and Prince William are seated on the ground watching something that’s not shown in the photo. Another woman is seated behind Prince William.

The woman has blonde hair and is wearing a polka dot shirt. Her face is not clearly visible due to her dark shades. She is also drinking and the glass covers her face. However, there is a resemblance between the woman and Camilla. This prompted some fans to ask if the woman who is with Princess Diana and Prince William in the photo is the Duchess of Cornwall.

“Is that Camilla at the back?” one royal fan asked.

“Is that Camilla beside Princess Diana?” another netizen wrote.

Another replied and said that she has the same question. They were wondering if in that rare moment Camilla was with the Princess of Wales and Duke of Cambridge.

It’s likely that the woman is not Camilla because the woman has a yellow blonde hair color. Also, it’s unlikely that Princess Diana would ever hang out with Camilla.

The Princess of Wales discovered Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair even before she married the heir apparent. In fact, there was a time when Princess Diana wanted to cancel the wedding. However, her sisters discouraged her from doing so because her face is already printed on the tea towel, so it was already “too late to chicken out.”

Princess Diana confessed to Andrew Morton that while walking down the aisle, she was looking for Camilla. She was hoping that her relationship with Prince Charles was over.

“She said she had hope brimming in her heart and as she walked down the aisle as she looked at Camilla Parker Bowles – who she knew was Prince Charles’ mistress,” Morton wrote. “She hoped the relationship was over, sadly it wasn’t.”

Princess Diana and Prince William were very close, but the former was not afraid to discipline the latter. One time, Princess Diana smacked the future king in public for misbehaving.

Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry
Pictured: Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt/AFP