Rosie Perez
Actress Rosie Perez, pictured at the New York premiere of "Won't Back Down" on Sept. 23, 2012, reportedly left "The View" early after she was forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne on Twitter last Wednesday. Getty Images/Rob Kim

Rumors swirled that actress Rosie Perez quit “The View” early after she got into a heated argument with guest host Kelly Osbourne. When the lavender-haired fashionista suggested that 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump wouldn’t have anyone to clean his toilets if he kicked all the Latinos out of America, Perez retorted sharply. Though the host wasn’t committed to another year with the ABC talk show, she skipped out early after the controversy, the U.K.’s Daily Mail wrote in an exclusive report Tuesday.

Perez, 50, tweeted a public apology to Osbourne Aug. 4 after the show aired, but it wasn’t of her own accord. “She and the ABC executives had it out. They were telling her that she better do exactly as they said. It was an ugly scene and Rosie was crying uncontrollably and outraged,” an anonymous source told the Daily Mail Tuesday. “She was yelling at them at the top of her lungs that their demands were disrespectful.”

As most people know, Perez acquiesced and said she was sorry. “My bad. Your heart is so pure and righteous. I adore you,” she wrote to the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne
Former "Fashion Police" co-host Kelly Osbourne -- pictured May 14, 2014 -- issued a nonapology after she said there would be no one to clean toilets if all the Latinos were kicked out of the U.S. on "The View" Tuesday. Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz

But she wasn’t happy about it. That’s when she made the decision to leave “The View” prematurely. Perez reportedly told the producers to “ 'to kiss her a--' before storming out of the building and vowing never to return to 'this s----hole of a place!' ” a source said.

If the story from the Daily Mail is authentic, the next thing Perez did makes even more sense. A day after the actress issued a mea culpa to Kelly, she sent out an apology to her fans who thought she forgave the former “Fashion Police” host too easily.

“I tweeted at #KellyOsbourne in an effort to help keep her from spiraling after her unfortunate comment,” she wrote last Wednesday. “I went overboard with my apology- #mybad.” The star added: “And please don't ever question my support for mi gente ... Ever.”

The actress has not issued a public statement about reportedly exiting the talk show before her contact was up.

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