Sofia Richie, who is currently dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick, was recently accused of photoshopping a picture she shared online. The model had shared a snap of herself in a bikini, and she refuted the claims that it has been altered in any way.

Richie is currently on a vacation in Turks and Caicos with Kylie Jenner and a few of her friends. She has been sharing photos of the trip with her followers on social media. Her recent post of her in a leopard-print bikini made at least one of her followers to wonder if it was photshopped.

There seems to be nothing wrong in the photo at first, but then the fans noticed that the wall line in the background curves to the side instead of going straight. Commenting on this, one of the fans told her that all her fans are rooting for her not to “facetune like the rest of them.”

Richie responded to the fans comment and said that she has not photoshopped the post. The model thanked the fan for her support and explained that the curve in the wall is because it is an archway, People reported. She ended the comment with a kissing emoji.

While the fans debate about whether the snap was altered, Richie continues to post more photos from her vacation. The trip is also a way for the model to promote her bikini line, which is apparently almost sold out. Richie shared details about a discount to her fans on Instagram for her bikini collection.

Jenner too is using the vacation to promote some new products from her Kylie Skin brand. She has already launched a few products and more launches are expected in the coming days.

Jenner has also been supportive of Richie. When the model recently shared a picture of her in a bikini, the billionaire commented on the post and said “perfection,” People reported.