• Sora and Piyomon decide to cultivate the wastelands
  • The Chosen Children meet again at the Great Tree of Information
  • "Digimon Adventure" episodes release every Saturday in the U.S.

New adventures await the Chosen Children and their partner Digimon. Sora and Piyomon will work with Neamon, Junkmon and the others to convert the wastelands into Digimon paradise.

However, they are attacked by Shakkoumon. In the upcoming "Digimon Adventure" episodes, Taichi and Agumon will face a Digimon named Valkyrimon.

Twitter user Wikimon has shared summaries, titles and release dates of the upcoming episodes.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 62 title and summary

Episode 62 is titled "Shakkoumon’s Tears" and it is scheduled to broadcast on Aug. 22.

"Following her Digivice, Sora and Piyomon, who arrive at cultivated land, help Neamon, Junkmon, Muchomon, and the others to cultivate the wastelands. They want to turn that land into a Digimon paradise someday. They join up with Taichi and Agumon there. However, by mere chance, Shakkoumon, who was sleeping beneath the cultivated land, awakens and starts to rampage," read the synopsis of Episode 62.

"Taichi and Greymon fight against Shakkoumon, but Greymon gets hit by its attack and reverts back to Agumon, and so Sora and Garudamon battle Shakkoumon alone. During that battle, Shakkoumon's "memories of the ancient war" flow into their minds. They are memories of a tragedy that occurred during a fierce battle long ago between Shakkoumon and the Cupimon that sealed it away," it added.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 63 title and summary

Episode 63, titled "The Crest of Courage," will air on Aug. 29.

"Taichi and Agumon arrive at a mysterious castle. Valkyrimon, who awaits them there, sends Taichi, who gets separated from Agumon, to an unknown world inhabited by brutal Digimon, alone. Confused by what just suddenly happened, Taichi saves a Baby. Botamon was being attacked by Goburimon and searches for a way out. Taichi is meet with one challenge after another while protecting Botamon without Agumon. What is Valkyrimon's goal?" read the summary.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 64 title and summary

Episode 64 is titled "The Angels’ Determination" and it is slated to air on Sept. 5.

"The Chosen Children, starting with Taichi, regroup once again at the Great Tree of Information. Having found the key to solving the mystery of the Crests, what is the answer that they have been led to? The truth behind their adventure finally becomes clear," read the summary.

"Meanwhile, strange phenomena gradually start to occur in the Digital World. The landscape breaks away, defying all laws of physics, and a white space emerges. It is a sign of the "Great Catastrophe" that is about to begin. The Chosen Children and their Partner Digimon are the ones that can stop this. At last, the final battle begins!" the summary of Episode 64 added.

"Digimon Adventure" episodes stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll in the U.S. and every Sunday in Japan.

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