• Dina Lohan wants to inspire middle-aged women to be in their best shape
  • Lohan said her two daughters Lindsay and Ali will be her maids of honor when she marries Jesse Nadler
  • One source claimed that Lohan and Nadler are actually not getting married

Dina Lohan wants to inspire women her age to get in shape.

Lohan and her boyfriend Jesse Nadler have been working out to be fit and healthy. According to Lohan, she hopes other middle-aged women will be inspired to follow her lead.

“I’m doing this whole mind, body and soul plan and so is Jesse for himself to get in shape. At our age, it’s very important to be in shape,” she told Page Six on Tuesday.

"I want to help other women, especially middle-aged women, get back in shape," she added.

Aside from inspiring women to get in shape despite their age, the 57-year-old star is also hoping to join ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" because she loves the show. Moreover, she wants to show off her grooves because she grew up dancing.

“Jesse was the driving force to seriously get in shape for ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Lohan continued. “It’s a dream of mine.”

The “Listen to Me, The OG Mama D” podcast co-host is satisfied and happy with her figure. However, prior to achieving her body, she hired a nutritionist to help her gain weight because she was a "very thin person."

"You don’t look good when you’re too thin. Right now I’m the perfect weight I think, but getting in shape is imperative to train for [‘DWTS’]," she added.

"I want women to have it all.”

Meanwhile, Lohan revealed earlier that her daughters Lindsay Lohan, 34, and Aliana Lohan, 26, will be her maids of honor when she marries Nadler. Her sons Michael Lohan Jr., 32, and Cody Lohan, 24, will also have important roles on her big day.

"I am going to go off the grid," Lohan said in a recent episode of her podcast as quoted by People.

"Lindsay and Ali are going to be my maid of honors because they’re both angels and both my boys are going to walk me down the aisle together. They've both been there and are such amazing men and so kind to their women. I can't even make it up.”

However, a source told Page Six that the wedding is not happening. Nadler and Lohan's relationship is reportedly on the rocks. Also, Lohan has changed her relationship status from "engaged" to "in a relationship," which left Nadler confused.

“I’ll set up ‘my house’ in Westhampton Beach. I wish I was setting up ‘home’ with Dina, but I don’t think it’s in the cards,” Nadler said.

Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan attends the 2008 Stand Up For A Cure concert in New York. Reuters