Movies have repeatedly displayed attacks on the city of Los Angeles. This time it's getting a bit of a prehistoric twist.

Deadline reported that Warner Bros. may be bringing some colossal Triassic damage to the City of Angels. Warner Bros. has purchased a sci-fi action pitch about dinosaurs attacking modern day Los Angeles.

While dinosaurs attacking Los Angeles is a new concept, dinosaurs in California isn't anything new. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, a Tyrannosaurus breaks loose in San Diego.

The pitch for the destruction bound movie came from John Clisham, an employee of James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. Credited on IMDB as a director, writer and editor, Clisham has directed, as well as wrote a short called The Night Before Avatar, and TV series, Assorted Nightmares. Clisham will team up with Mike Bayman, who will be co-writing the script for the Jurassic thriller.

According to Deadline, the project was originally intended as a large-scale web series, but Warner Bros stepped in to claim it as a feature film after seeing early tests.

Besides the project being announced as in the works, no plot details have been released.

Check out some other attacks that Los Angeles has had to endure on the big screen.


In the 2009 film Zombieland, the city is overrun with the walking dead. Numerous other films have taken the time to destroy the famous city with a zombie apocalypse. American Zombie, a 2007 mock-umentary followed filmmakers as they infiltrate a Los Angeles zombie community.


Aliens have also taken the time to destroy Los Angeles on numerous occasions. The 2011 film Battle: Los Angeles showed military efforts to fight the other worldly attacks. Skyline a 2010 flick, showed the misfortune of a couple visiting Los Angeles when an alien attack starts sucking the brains of the inhabitants of the city.

Mother Nature

Mother nature must not like the city of Los Angeles. A large earthquake destroyed the city in the 2009 film 2012. Global warming destroyed the city in 2004s The Day After Tomorrow, and a large volcano did some major damage in 1997s Volcano.