Satellite companies Dish Network Corp. and Echostar Corp filed a lawsuit on Friday against Tivo Inc asking a court to find that their new digital video recorder technology does not infringe upon Tivo's patents.

A U.S. Court of Appeals said in January that Dish had infringed upon Tivo's DVR patents, upholding a previous ruling.

Dish's request to rehear issues related to the case was denied in April.

Tivo initially sued Echostar in 2004, accusing it of infringing on its DVR technologies. Echostar has created a new version of the software which it says does not violate patents from Tivo.

This action is independent of Tivo's anticipated motion for contempt in a Texas court, the satellite companies said in a statement.

We believe any contempt motion by Tivo should be denied because we are in full compliance with the injunction.