District 9, a movie filmed in a faux-documentary style, hit cinemas Thursday night and has been attracting great reviews from across the web.

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The sci-fi film was directed by Peter Jackson's protégé, Neill Blomkamp. District 9 originated as a 2005 Blomkamp short film called Alive in Joburg.

District 9, is filmed in a faux-documentary style and is one part South Africa apartheid history lesson and one part X-Files.

Without giving too much information away, watch the teaser trailer below:

Who's behind District 9 and how much did it cost?

Directed by : Neill Blomkamp
Produced by : Peter Jackson,Bill Block,Ken Kamins,Paul Hanson,Elliot Ferwerda
Written by : Neill Blomkamp,Terri Tatchell
Starring : Jason Cope,Robert Hobbs,Sharlto Copley
Music by : Clinton Shorter
Cinematography : Trent Opaloch
Studio : WingNut Films,QED International,Key Creatives,Wintergreen Productions
Distributed by : TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) : August 13, 2009
Running time : 112 minutes
Country movie was shot in: South Africa
Language : English
Budget : $30 million