The Division Update 1.2
Players are pretty happy with "The Division" Update 1.2, which includes a new Incursion and changes to the Dark Zone. Ubisoft

"Tom Clancy's The Division" Update 1.2 was released Tuesday, which means players have had enough time to form opinions on the latest release from Ubisoft. The last update, "Incursions," added some end-game content, but its release was hindered by bugs that ruined the experience for many players. Cheating also threatened to disrupt the careful balance in the the multi-player area of "The Division" known as the Dark Zone. But with a day under their belts, players now are sharing mostly positive experiences for the free "Conflict" update.

"The Division" "Conflict" update included the "Clear Sky" incursion set in Columbus Circle. Players are tasked with clearing an anti-aircraft site controlled by the Rikers enemy faction. Players can complete "Clear Sky" on Hard Mode, with Challenge Mode available next week. New Gear Sets — high-level armor that provides additional stat boosts to players — are also included in the update.

Clearing "Clear Sky," along with other Encounters and side missions, unlocks "Search and Destroy" missions. Players will have to take down difficult enemy bosses who are labeled High-Value Targets. Killing these leaders will give players another chance to grab some high-end loot. For players looking for end-game content — available gameplay after a player has reached the level 30 limit in "The Division" — content, the "Conflict" has been a success so far, based on reaction in the game's subReddit.

The changes in the Dark Zone have increased the difficulty while making play a rewarding experience. Sealed caches, earned by defeating named or Elite enemies, are a good incentive to explore the Dark Zone. Extracting items, which has always been a tricky proposition as players could be ambushed before the helicopter arrives, is even more difficult with the ability to cut the rope and hijack the operation. All player loot will fall to the ground and be available as a public drop. The new 200+ bracket has also been well-received as it has increased the difficulty of the Dark Zone without players feeling like they are completely, and unfairly, overwhelmed.

Crafting has significantly improved in the game with the additional loot drops. Players are finding more high-end tech that they can use to craft new gear or sell to recalibrate their equipped gear.

Perhaps the most important parts of "The Division" Update 1.2 are the numerous bug fixes. The equipment-stacking glitch that players exploited to exponentially increase their damage has been fixed. Other bugs — such as abilities remaining active, bleed resistance exceeding 100 percent or the One is None character talent that caused weapons to jam — have also been patched. Players have noted a few glitches, such as menu lag on the PS4 and the user interface doubling on the PC — but nothing as serious as being able to override the "Falcon Lost" triggering sequence to obtain Gear Sets without having to face any enemies.