• Jaden Hossler advised fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall to stop getting into trouble
  • Hossler named Quinton Griggs his favorite Sway boy at the moment
  • Hossler also asked Dixie D'Amelio if she loves Noah Beck

Jaden Hossler, who is the latest celebrity to appear on Dixie D'Amelio's talk show, admitted to the TikTok star that he likes Bryce Hall the least among all the Sway boys.

D'Amelio interviewed Jaden for the latest episode of her YouTube series, "The Dixie D'Amelio Show,” discussing a range of topics including music, relationships and the e-boy style.

At one point, D'Amelio asked Hossler to name his favorite Sway House member, to which the singer replied that Quinton Griggs was the member he was closest to at the moment.

“This is how it works, so it goes in seasons. There's times when I hung around only with Bryce, there's times when I hung around with Josh. Right now, I am hanging out with Quinton because Josh and Bryce are doing a lot of business stuff, which I am like super pumped for him about,” he revealed.

He praised Griggs’ “artistic inclination,” saying his fellow TikTok star was “really talented in a lot of different areas.”

When Hossler said nobody would feel comfortable enough to answer this question, Dixie agreed and suddenly surprised him with the question, “Who is your least favorite?”

The 19-year-old TikTok star named Hall his least favorite at the moment, adding, “Dude, stop getting in trouble. I love Bryce. I like all of them like family, that’s why I can say it.”

“Bryce is an extreme person and he doesn’t ever intend to go past the line because he really doesn’t know what the line is,” said Hossler, describing Hall’s personality.

Hossler believes that Hall doesn’t have any ill intentions despite not being his favorite person at the moment. “He just wants to be the best at everything. So it’s like a different type of grind, but it’s the grind you can respect, but yeah, screw Bryce,” concluded the young singer.

This was certainly not the only highlight of “The Dixie D'Amelio Show’s” latest episode.

When Hossler took up D'Amelio’s seat and asked her if he can say that she loves Noah Beck, she was taken aback. But she then replied, “Yes.”

Beck recently expressed his love for D'Amelio as well in an Instagram story to celebrate their one-month anniversary.

“Happy 1 month bub. I love you,” he captioned a selfie in which both of them are wearing masks.

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