valentines day
A heart-shaped hot air balloon flies in the sky during the "Love Cup 2016" event, ahead of Valentine's Day, in Jekabpils, Latvia, Feb. 13, 2016. Reuters

The world will celebrate Valentine’s Day Tuesday, which means stores around the world will stock up on all types of merchandise for the occasion. But is a store-bought message of love right for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or anybody else who is special to you?

If not, here are some personalized cards you can make at home with the most basic supplies. Just add a little imagination, skill and patience to these, and the result will be a heartfelt display of your affection. In W.H. Auden’s words, “There are no fortunes to be told, although; Because I love you more than I can say; If I could tell you I would let you know.”

Try any of these easy ideas:

1. A heart goes a long way, and when you add some glitter to it, the combination says “it’s Valentine’s Day!”

2. Another “bright idea” would be to use a blank note card, glue and a felt tip marker to showcase your feelings. Stick on a match stick and you’ve found your perfect match. Or use birthday candles to tell them they light up your life.

3. Small cars aren’t just for kids. Use a plastic race car — maybe a Hot Wheels — and glue it to the front of a pink or red card, with the caption “You make my heart race.”

4. Put all your inside jokes to good use by making a card based on information that only the two of you are privy to.

5. Gift bags are a great idea, especially if they’re full of the recipient's favorite candy, chocolates and lots of little heartfelt messages.

6. As they say, humor is always the best way to someone’s heart. Or was it food? Anyway, use puns if you want to show your smart yet funny side. For example, stick a few peanuts to the front of a card and write “I’m nuts for you.”

7. Use photographs. Incorporate a picture of the both of you or of something that means a lot to make a personalized card that shows you care.

8. If you want something that both of you can do together, get a card and add a tiny bag of seeds to it. Gardening is a highly underrated display of affection but shows that you’re in it for the long run.

9. A 3D accordion card may seem like a lot of work, but when it’s laden with fun and emotion, it’s well worth the effort. Check out these instructions from Martha Stewart and add a lot of handwritten notes, jokes and pictures to make it your own.