DMX Concussion
Rapper DMX was hospitalized with a concussion Saturday after losing control of his ATV in South Carolina. Twitter/@DMX

Rapper DMX was hospitalized with a concussion Saturday after losing control of his ATV in South Carolina.

FLIPPED MY F----- FOUR WHEELER OVER! the 41-year-old tweeted Saturday. He complemented the tweet with another posting declaring IM GOOD with a photo of a reassuring DMX in the hospital following the concussion.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, is best known for the late 1990s hit Ruff Ryders Anthem, was riding his four-wheeler down a hill on his property in South Carolina when he crashed going down a hill, TMZ reported. The rapper flipped over but landed on his backside and suffered a concussion.

The head injury's effects were obvious when DMX, 41, said he had no recollection of the concussion-causing incident except for the lights of the ambulance, TMZ reported. The rapper added he's unsure when he'll be released from the hospital.

DMX is said to be working on a new album scheduled to be released next year, according to BET. The network noted the rapper released a free album, The Weigh In, two months ago.

Hip Hop Wired had a different account of DMX's work, as the hip-hop news site said the rapper plans to drop the new album, Undisputed, in the fall.

DMX's Twitter account only says Undisputed is coming soon.

DMX has been no stranger to hospitals in 2012, with the concussion marking the second time he's had to be admitted. In January, he had a bout of food poisoning after eating bad shrimp in Miami, Extra TV reported.

In recent years, DMX has been known more for his legal troubles than his lyrical talents.

While the 41-year-old rapper's rap sheet has been clean for nearly a year, his latest arrest occurred in August 2011, when he allegedly was speeding at 102 m.p.h. and was driving with a suspended license.

DMX filed a lawsuit against Arizona police due to his arrest in which he maintained he was driving at 85 m.p.h.

He served a year in jail in Maricopa County, Ariz., stemming from a probation violation.

The rapper also has drug charges, theft, animal cruelty and other crimes on his rap sheet, which dates back to 1998.