Meghan Markle just gave birth to her son and royal fans are wondering whether or not Archie Harrison’s arrival would change some things about the royal family.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans asked whether or not Markle needs to curtsy to Prince George since he will become a future king and holds a higher position in the order of succession. In the same way, they are wondering whether or not Kate Middleton has to curtsy to Markle and Prince Harry’s son.

Nancy Broertjes said that no member of the royal family needs to curtsy to the young royals regardless of their position in the order of succession. But in due time, Markle would have to curtsy to Prince George. Middleton doesn’t have to curtsy to Archie Harrison especially since he has not been given a royal title.

Laura Warwick Martin, a former fundraiser coordinator, echoed the previous stand. She said that the idea of Markle curtsying to her nephews and nieces, while they are still children, is very unusual.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is married to the second heir to the throne, she most certainly would not curtsy to Archie as he is lower in rank to her,” she wrote.

David Byrne, a follower of the royal family, also answered no to both questions.

“The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t curtsy to Prince George because he is a child. George’s parents have also told the media that they haven’t told him he is a prince and probably won’t for a few years… For Meghan to curtsy to him would be puzzling for him,” he said.

And when it comes to Middleton curtsying to Archie Harrison, Byrne said that this will never happen. The Duchess of Cambridge only has to curtsy to a few members of the royal family. In the meantime, she only curtsies to Queen Elizabeth II.