A man was sitting inside his Dodge Charger within Chicago’s downtown Loop when suddenly a Porsche pulled up beside him and a man exited and ordered him from his vehicle, Chicago police say.

The victim driving the Dodge Charger told police he was sitting in his car on Madison Street just west of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue “Magnificent Mile” around 8:15 p.m. Thursday, the Chicago Tribune first reported. The Dodge Charger driver said the Porsche pulled up beside him and a man riding in the vehicle quickly exited the Porsche and indicated he had a weapon in his pants and ordered him from the vehicle. He described the carjacker as being in his 20s and said he only held his hand inside his pocket in the form of a gun.

The Dodge Charger driver exited the vehicle with any violent altercation and the Porsche passenger sped off through downtown Chicago. A second individual who remained in the Porsche followed behind the stolen Dodge Charger.