Being the first lady of the United States is not an easy task. One has to be a part of several public appearances such as the countless state dinners, charity engagements and trips with the president, and for every occasion, the FLOTUS needs to be appropriately dressed. As far as the current first lady is concerned, she has already been making headlines about the designer clothing she wears. In her first 56 days as the first lady, Melania Trump dressed nearly appropriately for most occasions, except one or two instances when she drew criticism.

The question that the first lady has often faced is whether she gets her designer clothing for free like Hollywood stars. Phillip Bloch, a red carpet stylist who dressed Tiffany Trump for the president's inaugural ceremony, countered the claims saying that Melania Trump does not need designer freebies, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

GettyImages-646433504 First lady Melania Trump arrived at the joint session of the Congress with President Donald Trump, Feb. 28, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

"Why do rich people need free clothes? Melania should buy her clothes. Mrs. Trump has been a longtime client at our New York boutique. She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamor that she is known for," Bloch said.

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Melania Trump was once criticized for dressing inappropriately during a presidential debate where she wore a pink pussy bow blouse from Gucci, which can be easily bought online. The former model mentioned that she likes shopping for herself in an interview with Elle Magazine in 2012.

There are no set rules, but first ladies are apparently not supposed to get themselves dressed by designers for free. They are likely to get discounts for their purchases, but it is assumed that they would pay for their own clothes.

GettyImages-649613160 First lady Melania Trump arrived at a luncheon she was hosting to mark International Women's Day in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., March 8, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

Former first lady Michelle Obama did not accept designer freebies during her stay at the White house, according to her Press Secretary Joanna Rosholm.

"Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing. For official events of public or historic significance, such as a state visit, the first lady’s clothes may be given as a gift by a designer and accepted on behalf of the U.S. government. They are then stored by the National Archives," Rosholm told the Inquisitr.