The summer television lineup is typically choked with lackluster replacement shows and reruns. But this summer season promises to have an extra bite -- three promising new shows are set to premiere that are all about dogs.

Here is a guide to the pooch friendly summer TV line-up.

Shelter Me

Premise: Each year 3-4 million unclaimed cats and dogs are euthanized in kill shelters across the US. Shelter Me illustrates what happens when these pets are given a second chance. The PBS documentary explores touching stories of shelter dogs aiding war veterans and those with disabilities. It features in-depth interviews with members of animal control and female prisoners who work as dog trainers. The film is sponsored by Halo, an all-natural pet food company owned by Ellen DeGeneres, and hosted by Katherine Heigl.

Reasons to Watch: The production is boldly cinematic with thoughtful camera set ups and structured lighting design. It features moving stories that will hopefully encourage more shelter adoptions.

Air Date/Time: The late May, early June air date varies according to territory.

One Nation under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss & Betrayal

Premise: One Nation Under Dog is a compelling documentary that centers on dog lovers, animal rescuers, and those enduring pet bereavement. It examines the alarming disparity between the number dogs adopted and the number of dogs crowding streets and shelters.

Reasons to Watch: The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and was met with critical raves. Three separate storylines are explored by three different directors giving the film a broader point of view. Furthermore, HBO is a network known for releasing profound and innovative docs.

Air Date/Time:  Monday, June 18 at 9 p.m.

Dogs In the City

Premise: Set in New York City the light reality show offers tips on how to better treat dogs. Comedian and dog lover Justin Silver tackles typical difficulties that dog owners face. Each episode focuses on three stories. In the show's premiere episode Silver takes on such issues as having a chubby dog and canines adjusting to a significant other moving in.

Reasons to watch: The CBS series has a charismatic host whose background in stand-up makes for a comedic tone. Dogs in the City offers a welcome reprieve from the average non-fiction series.

Air Date/Time: Wednesdays, beginning May 30 at 8 p.m.