An elderly man was hospitalized after he was attacked by a dog during his daily stroll in Abbotsford, Canada, on Thursday.

The unidentified man crossed two girls with a dog during his stroll Thursday evening. Suddenly, the dog, which looked like a pit bull, jumped at him and attacked his neck, leaving him with deep wounds. The girl managed to grab the canine and left the scene, leaving the victim alone. A good Samaritan saw the man bleeding and immediately informed emergency services.

“The wound was so hard to look at. Flaps of his beard were just hanging by the skin. Three huge tooth marks dug in. He required many, many stitches. We understand that dogs can be unpredictable and accidents do happen. But this poor man was left there bleeding like crazy,” the victim’s daughter-in-law said.

CCTV footage of the incident posted to social media Saturday showed the canine lunging at the victim and attacking him.

“He is very fortunate to be alive. We just want to make sure that no one else gets hurt,” said the caption accompanying the post. The condition of the man was not known.

The incident comes days after a dog attacked a man and latched onto his groin in Swansea, Wales. William Stares was running with his friends when four dogs approached him. Suddenly, one of them jumped on him and latched onto his groin.

"One of the dogs then latched onto my hip/groin area. I looked down and I could see that I had a puncture wound in my calf and groin. I was in shock, the dog was growling, I couldn't believe what had happened. I have two wounds, I was wearing three layers of clothing and the dog still managed to get through that,” the man said.

In this image, a Dobermann dog is seen running toward his trainer in Beirut, Lebanon, Oct. 27, 2010. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images