Two men allegedly tied a three-legged dog to a motorbike and dragged the canine along a road. Police are searching for the two accused after a video showing the animal cruelty surfaced online.

The barbaric incident reportedly took place in the southern state of Karnataka on April 15 but it came to light only after the video went viral earlier this week.

Authorities said the accused used a rope to tie the stray dog to the back of the two-wheeler. The video shows two men dragging the dog behind their bike while riding along a road.

Tauseef Ahmed, the founder of Mr Rescuer, a nonprofit, filed a police complaint after seeing the video. Ahmed told local media that the accused were most likely laborers from north Karnataka and were staying at a colony in Mangalore city.

Ahmed also said he suspected the three-legged dog died due to the torture.

"I have interacted with people from the colony. It is saddening to note that the three-legged dog has probably died. The community dog has been missing since the incident was reported. According to the neighbors, the accused were upset the dog had allegedly bitten one of their children," Ahmed told the Times of India. He also promised a reward of nearly $70 for anyone coming forward with information about the accused.

Suma Nayak, an animal rights activist and trustee of the nonprofit Animal Care Trust (ACT), requested social media users to help locate the accused.

In a similar incident, a dog was tied to a bike and was dragged for over half a mile in Surat, a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, in February. The incident came to light when a video of the animal torture surfaced on social media. Police arrested one person in connection with the case. The vehicle used in the incident was also seized.

The accused told police that the dog was dead and they were taking the carcass for disposal. However, the video showed that the dog was moving and was alive.

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This is a representational image. AFP / Dibyangshu SARKAR