Country music superstar Dolly Parton has joined TikTok. The "Jolene" singer shared her first TikTok post on Sunday featuring a series of clips from her past stage appearances.

The video ended with a male voice announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, it's Dolly Parton," along with a text that read: "Hey, Tiktok! It's Dolly." Parton captioned the video, "I have arrived!"

Fans of the "Islands in the Stream" singer were happy to see her on the video-sharing platform.

"I've been holding the fort down for you until you got here," one person commented, while another said, "Best entertainer on the face of the earth!"

"Everyone sit down and hush, the queen is here," one user wrote.

TikTok also welcomed Parton and wrote, "Welcome, queen."

The 76-year-old Grammy Award winner also uploaded a second video that showed her in a white cowboy outfit.

"It's now or never," a man shouts while opening the door for Parton. "I'm ready. Well, I think I am," Parton says as she shakes her shirt and grabs the microphone from the man. She captioned it, "Better late than never!"

Her third post was a compilation of videos that showed Parton greeting her fans. She wrote, "Hey TikTok! What did I miss?"

Parton has uploaded six clips since joining the platform and has already amassed more than 317,000 followers.

TikTok last year removed a fake account of Parton, which was created by an unverified user. Parton's representative told Today that the unverified user took an old video from Parton's documentary, "The Library That Dolly Built," and "doctored it" to make it look like a new clip of the singer welcoming her fans on the social media platform.

A spokesperson for TikTok told the outlet the video was removed because it violated the platform's community guidelines regarding impersonation.

Fans were upset after learning it was a fake account.

"The number of trolls I've (and other creators) have reported on TikTok and somehow they choose to ban the pride of America, Dolly Parton," said one person on Twitter. Another tweeted, "TikTok banned Dolly Parton now we riot."

Dolly Parton christmas on the square
Dolly Parton is pictured in “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square.” Courtesy of Netflix