Donald Trump
Trump fired back at Paul and Huntsman, even threatening a third-party run if Republican voters chose "the wrong candidate." REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Donald Trump had words for Arianna Huffington on Tuesday, and none of them were remotely kind.

The real estate mogul, turned reality TV star, turned political agitator, has earned a reputation for his frequently offensive off-the-cuffs remarks, but he showed no remorse after getting instantaneous negative feedback on nasty comments he directed at Huffington, and her relationship with her ex-husband.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Trump wrote, "@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man -- he made a good decision."

Trump was referring to Huffington's past marriage to Michael Huffington, a film producer and former California Congressman, who came out as "bisexual"after their split in an article for Esquire. Michael Huffington alleged, however, that he was never unfaithful during his marriage, with either a man or a woman.

There was no immediate comment from Arianna Huffington on Trump's vitriolic attack.

Although Huffington and her ex-husband divorced 15 years ago, the two remain on amicable terms. The 62-year-old co-founder of the extremely successful news website The Huffington Post has even written about the personal challenges of co-parenting their two daughters together. In a blog titled "Vacationing with My Ex," she described the experience of raising children together as unifying them despite their irreconcilable differences.

"Our children, after all, are the most important thing in our lives -- and in most parents' lives, for that matter... The fact that Michael and I have these two girls (young women now, really) together is a bond that transcends all grievances we have had through the years," wrote Huffington.

"And while we did not survive as a couple, at least we've survived in the joint parenting of our daughters. We have gotten to the point where there is really nothing left to work out."

Trump's attack on Huffington came hours after both appeared on a CNBC program, reported Media Matters. During Huffington's appearance on the show, she criticized the Republican National Center for not paying enough attention to job creation. Trump may also have been perturbed by an unfavorable article about him that was published on the site, 2 weeks ago, titled "Donald Trump: Why So Moody?"

But after news of his comment spread, Trump took the opportunity to reaffirm his statement. "Don't think my statement on @ariannahuff was harsh, if you knew her and the phony Huffington Post you would understand--- more to follow."

Trump's fiery comments come just days after he was awarded "Statesman of the Year" by the Sarasota County Republican Party.