• Donald Trump has been accused of being incapacitated
  • A Yale psychologist is upset that the POTUS's deficiencies are not being addressed 
  • Donald Trump has been showing physical symptoms of being incapacitated 

Donald Trump was recently accused of being incapacitated, hypnotic and manipulative by a Yale psychiatrist who also claimed that he doesn’t have the mental capacity to do what he is supposed to do as the POTUS.

Bandy Lee MD criticized the president and the fact that his incapacity has been going unaddressed. He also looked at Trump’s tweets and all the times he accused certain publications of sharing fake news about him.

Trump has also attacked his enemies by targeting their weaknesses. And he also tends to project his shortcomings on his opponents. Most often than not, the POTUS’s actions are reportedly the opposite of what is needed.

“We know this pattern. We saw how, over three years without containment, his sense of unlimited power and impunity ballooned. Impeachment, rather than bringing him to remorse, led him on a vengeful spree following acquittal. Recently, he declared himself law of the land and, when the information he did not wish to hear surfaced, he rather replaced the person in charge of intelligence than address a situation of national security,” Lee said.

The psychologist went on to say that the world actually recognizes the danger that they are in under someone who is so incapacitated. Unfortunately, netizens cannot expect mental capacity from the POTUS, who reportedly lacks it.

And that he is hypnotic, seductive and manipulative of the population in ways that spread his symptoms— In itself a sign of pathology—does not make the situation better.    Will we let go of our cherished beliefs, especially beliefs we wish to hold about a leader—to save our own lives?” Lee said.

Political Flare agreed with the psychologist’s stand by saying that the physical symptoms that suggest that Trump has deficiencies are prevalent. For instance, he slurs and struggles to pronounce certain words, he tends to forget important yet very simple details, and he even stayed up for 48 hours straight before his first coronavirus conference.

“These physical concerns simply magnify the incapacity. Combined they create a scary reality,” journalist Jason Miciak said.