Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram was abuzz Monday after posting a meme that depicts bacon as a superior food over the vegetables that have been recalled as of late. The Instagram post was not without controversy for the avid hunter as comments range from blatant disregard for Trump Jr. as well as support of bacon itself.

The meme posted by Trump Jr. read, “There hasn’t been one single bacon recall in 2018 but there have been several vegetable recalls..just saying.” Trump Jr. captioned the post “Well, it’s true.”

Trump Jr. likely agreed with the sentiments of many commenters that showed their appreciation for all things bacon-related .

One Instagram commenter wrote, ““ That’s too much bacon.” said nobody...ever.”

Another commenter that obviously supported the post wrote, “The pig may be one of the greatest gifts God gave us.”

Still, another agreed with Trump Jr. saying, “like your sense of humor.”

However, not everyone liked what Trump Jr. had to say as several commenters pointed to the evidence of eating a plant-based diet while others questioned where his research came from for the post.

One commenter wrote, “ Bacon was indeed recalled in 2018. Get your facts straight.”

Another slammed Trump Jr. by writing, “How misinformed and uneducated are you for a person with such privileges? one can only laugh... or cry.”

With commenters on both sides of the debate, one commenter seemed to sum up the meme by writing, “Yep bacon bacon bacon,” complete with bacon emojis.