Donald Trump, billionaire real estate mogul and outspoken critic of China, has been on a freewheeling China-baiting spree of late. The Chinese are not friends, but enemies, and that they do not understand niceness, Trump said in CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

Following are some of the famous verbal assaults on China made by Trump in recent months:


Trump took the fight to the Chinese camp this week, blasting the state dinner held in honor of the visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao. He said if he were president, he would just ask the Chinese leader to meet him at his office, rather than holding a state dinner.

“For us to be holding state dinners for people who are just totally manipulating their currency ... is hard to believe, Trump was quoted by Liberty News. You don't give dinners to the enemy and that's what they're doing.

The vitriol in his attack was far from hidden. I would have sent them to McDonalds if we didn't make a deal and said, 'Go home. ... “The fact is they're laughing at our leadership, and we're letting them get away with murder.


China placed a massive order for as many as 200 Boeing commercial aircraft during Hu's visit to the U.S. But Trump is not impressed.

They're ordering some Boeings. That's peanuts. They're starting their own airline manufacturer, he said, according to Liberty News. It's almost impossible for companies to compete because of what they've done in terms of the manipulation of their currency he said.


Donald Trump says the way to counter China is to tax their imports until they clean up the currency mess.

I would lower the taxes for people in this country and corporations in this country and let China and some of the other countries that are ripping us off and making hundreds of billions of dollars a year, let them pay, Trump told Wolf Blitzer.


You try doing business in China it’s impossible ... and yet they come over here and they make everything... the problem is that we don't make things anymore... we make it in China and other countries and we really have problem, Trump told Fox News in October last year.

China is just ripping this country (the US) like nobody has ever ripped us before and we don’t have our talented people... we don't use our great business people to negotiate. We use some diplomat.


Yes, Trump would love one. He said in November last year he would welcome a trade war with China because we would save a lot of money, reported. According to him China is rebuilding themselves off Americans' money while devaluing theirs.