• Donald Trump sparked dementia rumors
  • The POTUS sparked cognitive decline rumors
  • Donald Trump couldn't pronounce the word emergency during his recent press conference 

Donald Trump held another coronavirus press conference on Tuesday at the White House. But he made headlines for entirely different reasons other than the pandemic.

While telling reporters that his previous prediction that it only needs 15 days to stop the spread of the deadly virus was wrong, the POTUS also mispronounced a rather easy way.

Melania Trump’s husband said that it actually needs 30 days to stop the spread of coronavirus. And he surprised Americans when he said “evirgincy” instead of emergency.

Journalist Aaron Rupar took notice of the president’s mistake by uploading his video on Twitter.

In the past, rumors have swirled that the POTUS uses orange makeup on his face that’s why he sometimes looks less white than his normal skin color. Some publications claimed that he also gets a tan on a regular basis that’s why he has discoloration all over his body.

Meanwhile, some netizens couldn’t help but make fun of Trump's mispronouncing emergency and of the color of his face during his recent public appearance.

“Evirgincy is a new word derived from a combination of Adderall and bath salts,” Twitter user @outofcontroljb said.

“Reading is hard,” Twitter user @HeathFeath45 said.

“A virgin emergency?” Twitter user @TimAeppel said.

“Urgently and emergency just became Seoul’s population and elevation,” Twitter user @JoJoFromJerz said.

“I remember my first time reading too,” Twitter user @Debveglitter said.

“The more Trump continues to show unequivocal evidence of severe cognitive decline the more Republicans claim Biden is too old to be president,” Twitter user @StevenReyCristo said.

“So, that’s a virgin emergency? Damn, he really does know all of the best words,” Twitter user @lindarchilders said.

“Did they just wake him up?” Twitter user @exhaustedtoo said.

“He sounds really ill today,” Twitter user @dvillella said.

“I’m a teacher, I literally talk for a living. A couple of times a year, I mispronounce words. The kids notice and they laugh. This is beyond normal. Trump has dementia. That’s obvious,” Twitter user @Publia1920 said.