• Donald Trump is proud of Melania Trump's modeling career
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Donald Trump is proud of his wife Melania Trump’s modeling career.

The first lady of the United States was a model before she became Trump’s spouse. Melania graced the cover of various magazines. She was also known for her infamous British GQ cover in nude.

However, not everyone was convinced that Melania was highly-acclaimed in the modeling business. In fact, several questioned her Einstein visa, but the president is very proud of Melania’s achievement as a model.

“Melania was one of the most successful supermodels and she did many photo shoots, including covers and major magazines,” Trump said in 2016. “She’s popular, she’s brilliant, she’s a wonderful woman.”

Melania was only 18 years old when she signed a contract with a modeling agency in Milan forcing her to drop out of architecture school. She won second place at Jana Magazine’s Slovenian Face of the Year contest in 1992 and found success in Paris and Milan.

From there, Melania wanted to boost her modeling career, so she set her eyes in New York. However, she realized that things weren’t as easy as she expected especially that she was already in her late 20s at the time. It came to a point when her big plans where fading several to her modeling contract. Melania said that the it was frustrating and the industry wasn’t friendly for ladies in her age. 

“She wasn't working every day, she was going to castings every day and not succeeding... She said things were very different in Europe, that she had been more successful. She aired frustration over the work issue,” Melania’s friend, Matthew Anthanian, said.

Melania didn’t give up and went on casting calls for alcohol and tobacco ads which her under-age competitors couldn’t be hired for. There were also rumors that she had a breast augmentation to get more lingerie jobs. Overall, Melania still considered her modeling career a success.

Susan McFadden, a specialist U.S. visa lawyer, explained how the FLOTUS got her Einstein visa. According to McFadden, Melania would still qualify because testimonials are part of the application process. The expert said that Melania probably had some pretty significant letters from Trump.