• Donald Trump sparked health concerns
  • Donald Trump struggled to read from a teleprompter in Davos
  • The POTUS clutched on to his podium during his speech

Donald Trump recently sparked health concerns after he gave his 30-minute speech in Davos.

Videos of the POTUS shows him struggling to read from the teleprompter. Not only did the president of the United States buckle a few times while addressing the nation; he also squinted his eyes in an attempt to read what was rolling a few feet away from him.

But what captured the attention of netizens the most had to do with how Melania Trump’s husband stood behind the podium. It was evident that he was clutching on to it in an attempt to keep his balance.

On Twitter, some individuals speculated on what’s really wrong with the POTUS.

“He’s having difficulty with balance. My neurologist would be all over that and his gait,” Twitter user @LisaKeel9 said.

“Leaning forward. Using podium for balance. Ugh,” Twitter user @DebPowell59 said.

“I think he wears a brace on his leg. Reminds me of the early pictures of FDR,” Twitter user @Milkman12114 said.

“Lift shoes + huge belly + gravity. Tells me there’s hope he’ll fall on his face soon,” Twitter user @meaner_misty said.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the POTUS’s health sparked concerns among netizens or it became a cause of mockery on social media.

Last week, Trump attended a rally in Wisconsin, and he was spotted swinging his right leg around. It was also evident that his balance and gait have been deteriorating.

Twitter user @TomJChicago asked a doctor what could be wrong with the POTUS and was told that Barron Trump’s dad may be suffering from early signs of dementia.

“That video of him walking was very disturbing. People with balance issues have a wide-based gait to compensate. He’s a fall risk. His balance is very poor and he’s at risk of fracturing his neck or femur. If he does it’s all over because demented patients with this fracture never recover. He’s certainly deteriorating,” the doctor said.

As of late, the POTUS has not yet confirmed or denied if he’s suffering from health concerns.

US President Donald Trump dismissed the impeachment and global warming threats alike US President Donald Trump dismissed the impeachment and global warming threats alike Photo: AFP / Fabrice COFFRINI