Donald Trump themed hats are sold by vendors outside after the Republican presidential nominee held a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon, Pennsylvania, Nov. 7, 2016. Reuters/Mark Makela

Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump were overjoyed after their chosen candidate won in the early hours of Wednesday.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was the front-runner in the polls nearly the entire race but on Election Day the polls proved to be off. At the beginning of the week, most prediction-makers pegged Clinton as the winner, although perhaps in a closer race than many expected. The polls-only election forecast from data-driven website FiveThirtyEight gave the former secretary of state a 68 percent chance of winning and Trump about a 32 percent chance. The New York Times' Upshot was a bit more bearish on the GOP nominee, giving him just a 16 percent chance of winning the election just ahead of decision day. Both prediction makers had Trump as the overwhelming favorite toward the end of Tuesday night.

Trump ended up winning states like Florida and North Carolina, while Clinton took California and New York as the GOP nominee cruised to a win. It was effectively over when the Associated Press called Pennsylvania for Trump. His supporters were elated. "We’re going to build a wall so big," seemingly drunken Trump supporters told the Washington Post at a party in the capital. "Who’s going to pay for it? Mexico!"

"Call it!" supporters yelled, via the Post. "Trump! Trump! Trump!"

Just ahead of Election Day, Trump appeared to taking a more pleasant, if still provocative, tone compared with the rest of campaign. He lobbed most of his insults with less fire, even spending time somewhat oddly critiquing rapper/Clinton surrogate Jay Z's for his "lewd" language. Trump aides also reportedly finally wrestled away Trump's control over his Twitter account, where during the campaign he often put in late hours getting into spats online.

Trump's supporters Tuesday took to Twitter and elsewhere to celebrate the results of the 2016 election. Listed below are choice tweets and quotes from Trump voters and surrogates: