• Donald Trump and supporters slammed after a Trumpster bought numerous boxes of tissues
  • Twitter have mixed reactions to the video of a Trumpster hoarding tissues
  • Donald Trump shared a clip that debunked fake news about his war against coronavirus

Donald Trump and his supporters were slammed online after a Trumpster bought the entire stock of tissues, paper towels and napkins from Dollar Tree.

A clip of a woman buying boxes of tissues is making rounds online. In the video, another lady is behind the camera filming the woman as she moves numerous boxes of tissues, napkins and toilet paper into her car. The lady is complaining because she couldn’t buy tissues and napkins for herself since the other woman bought it all.

In one scene, the lady says that the woman is probably a Trump supporter and the latter shouts, “Go, Trump!” While the POTUS and his other supporters have nothing to do with how the woman hoarded the tissues, several online users dragged them becaus of the issue and mocked them due to the Trumpster’s behavior.

“Trump inspires the worst among us,” @AlbertDog81 opined.

“The cruelty is the point. Trump leads by example,” one wrote after watching the clip.

“Worst people in society love Trump,” @todd_poirier added.

“People like this are sociopaths, they have no emotional feeling or compassion for others. I think most Trump supporters are the same,” one commented.

Meanwhile, several netizens reacted in a different way. According to them, they also support the president, but there is no way they would do what the woman in the video did.

“Excuse me I would never do that ever and I’m considered educated and middle class  and I would never be this selfish EVER and I support our President! I listen to both sides and I have never heard either side say go out and be selfish hoarders!You always pointing fingers!” @AmeliasTreasure commented.

A different online user also defended the president. According to Christopher Marino, what the women did has nothing to do with Trump. The POTUS did not inspire it either. In fact, he urged Americans to not hoard in several of his press conferences.

Many also blamed the store for allowing the woman to purchase those boxes. Several insisted that it was illegal and the woman should be reprimanded. 

Meanwhile, Trump shared a short clip that shows the truth behind his war against coronavirus. The four-minute video debunked the various fake news about Trump’s fight against COVID-19.