Donald Trump stopped by ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday and was predictably candid about the 2016 election.

Host Jimmy Kimmel grilled the presumptive GOP presidential nominee about his previous support of expected opponent Hillary Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' debate challenge and many hot topics in the 2016 race — including Trump's fake publicist controversy and his support of transgender bathroom laws across the country. 

Before he entered politics, Trump was very complimentary of Clinton, even saying she would "make a great president." When Kimmel asked Trump about the apparent flip-flop, Trump blamed the comments on the realities of being a businessman, claiming that as a businessman he would speak favorably about any politician and give donations to anyone who asked in order to win favors. 

"So you were full of s---?" Kimmel asked.

"A little bit," Trump replied. 

Kimmel then moved on to Clinton's challenger in the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders. Trump told Kimmel that he believes the primary system has been rigged against Sanders, adding that he thought he faced similar opposition on the GOP side. Kimmel read a challenge from Sanders, who will appear on Kimmel's show Thursday, asking Trump to debate him before the June 7 primary in California. Trump said he would agree to a debate on the condition that he was paid a sum of money to be distributed to charity. 

Trump and Kimmel also discussed a recent controversy where it came to light that Trump appeared to be pretending to be his own publicist in a 1991 interview with the Washington Post. Trump denied the voice in a recording of the interview was him. Kimmel also discussed Trump's stance on the transgender bathroom laws currently being passed in many states across the country.  

Trump said he "did not know" the right thing to do about the transgender bathroom issue and would leave the decision to the states, adding, "[The GOP] generally believes what whatever you're born, that's the bathroom you use."

Trump currently needs 38 delegates to lock up the GOP nomination. He is expected to secure the nomination this month.