Since its release prior to the 2016 presidential election, the "Access Hollywood" tape of Donald Trump and host Billy Bush has continued to be a topic of conversation. As a result of the unexpected interaction that was caught on camera, Billy Bush was fired from NBC's "Today," where he had previously been hired to co-host a third hour of the morning news show. Now, Bush has revealed how that conversation changed his life in the subsequent years.

In a new episode of Dennis Quaid's podcast, "The Dennissance," the one-time radio host stated the behind-the-scenes conversation that took place in 2005 was the last stop on "Access Across America," a tour that "Access Hollywood" was putting on as they renovated their new studio. By that time, Bush said he had developed a rapport with the former "Apprentice" star.

On that day, the cameramen had left the bus in order to get a shot of it pulling up to the appearance that Trump was set to attend. As a result, the two were left alone.

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Bush then said that he doesn't remember the "ending part" of the tape that would go on to create controversy for him years later. "The famous line, never recall it," he told Quaid, adding, "When I heard it, I heard it for the first time, because I don't think it ever landed on me."

As for the fallout, Bush described the reaction to the tape as "hard" and "tough." Calling it "such an ugly moment," he said that he had ultimately wanted to delete it, but he was aware that after its release it was "out there for the world to consume." He then added that it was "humiliating" and "embarrassing."

Bush then said that he believes the public's support was part of what allowed him to ultimately return to television. Later, he shared how he believes the experience changed him after the controversy, saying that he believes he is now "a much nicer person" and that he is now more curious about what other people have gone through in their own lives.

Aside from the recent conversation about the "Access Hollywood" tape's release, President Trump has remained in the news for several other reasons in recent months. Not only has it been said that he could face legal action due to a specific decision he made at his campaign rallies, but a recent tweet that he shared also provoked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Sussex rep to respond to a claim he made.

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