• Donald Trump was filmed dancing at a rally on Saturday
  • Jason Alexander criticized Trump's dance moves after seeing the viral video online
  • Several Twitter users mocked the POTUS, with one saying he danced like a toddler

Donald Trump was filmed dancing during a rally over the weekend and many were not impressed with the POTUS' moves. Several Twitter users including “Seinfield” star Jason Alexander said the president can't dance.

The video of Trump dancing went viral on social media and many mocked the politician because of it. Some even compared his dance to Elaine Benes' moves. Elaine is a fictional character from the TV sitcom “Seinfield” played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Elaine danced badly in one episode of the sitcom, and many described her moves as a full-body dry heave.

"The President is apparently a fan of @OfficialJLD‘s famous I can’t dance for s--t moves. Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves," Alexander tweeted.

"Donald Trump dances like a toddler," another netizen opined.

"@realDonaldTrump Get some dance lessons   P. L. E. A. S. E," a different online user wrote.

"He is a TikTok dance and a nations joke!! Don’t know which is worse," @Nreno133 added.

However, many were also entertained with Trump's moves. In fact, some were so pleased that his moves became a TikTok dance.

"The Trump Dance: Now a TikTok dance, that's how you know you've made it. #TrumpDance #Trump2020 #SundayThoughts @realDonaldTrump," one tweeted with a smiling face with halo along with a video of one TikToker performing Trump’s dance.

"The Fake Media thinks we want Timberlake, Cardi, B dance moves, Wrong. We like President Donald Trump, dance moves," one wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another attacked Alexander and said he was just jealous of Trump because he couldn’t dance. But many also agreed with Alexander and said Benes had better moves than Trump.

In related news, Kirstie Alley announced that she’s voting for Trump in the upcoming election. However, her announcement did not sit well with many Twitter users especially those who are against Trump. Many also deemed her support for Trump worse than her decision to join Scientology.

A few hours after her post, Alley addressed the backlash and said she felt like she wasn't allowed to share her point of view without being called nasty names. But the criticisms didn't make her change her mind.

"Stick to your guns. Not always easy to be under fire but always easier than going against your own integrity. & JUST REMEMBER: if it takes thousands to try & bring u down, you must be one powerful Mfer  Love wins," she tweeted. US President Donald Trump is to hold campaign rallies in Florida and Georgia US President Donald Trump is to hold campaign rallies in Florida and Georgia Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski