Dove Cameron and Katherine McNamara express their desire to be in a "Totally Spies!" movie on Twitter. Cartoon Network

When a fan tweets a totally good idea, it’s going to get noticed.

That’s exactly what happened when a smart fan decided to share her idea of making a “Totally Spies!” movie and casting three talented actresses for the lead roles – Dove Cameron, Katherine McNamara, and Kiersey Clemons. The Twitter user tagged the three women in the tweet’s photos, which made it easier for them to find.

The fan’s tweet didn’t mention which actress she’d like to see take on which role, but the photos she chose give a good idea. It looks like Cameron would play Clover, Clemons would take on Alex, and McNamara would be Sam. It already seems like a perfect fit and, luckily, Cameron and McNamara agree.

The “Descendants 2” star was the first one to notice the tweet, and quoted it with her approval, saying, “when do we start” and tagging the other two actresses.

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It didn’t take long for McNamara to jump on board, replying, “I’m totally in!”

“Totally,” get it? Good one, McNamara.

Now all that’s left is for Clemons to get in on the action and then make Hollywood see the genius of the idea and turn it into reality.

All of the actresses have a lot on their plates right now, with Clemons having multiple movies releasing this year, as she continues to work on many more, and Cameron continuing her work with music and acting, and McNamara starring in Freeform’s “Shadowhunters,” but there’s always time to play a spy. Especially a totally spy.

Having first aired in the US on ABC Family in 2001 before moving to Cartoon Network in 2003 and having lasted for years, the series gained a wide fan base. A live-action film would only broaden it.

Created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel, the animates series revolved around three teen girls, who were regular students by day, and total spies by night.

Sometimes they were spies during the day, as well. They didn’t really have much choice in that matter, as the ground would literally fall from under them and they’d be whisked away to The World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP) to begin a new mission. The characters were smart, fierce, fun, strong, and totally relatable. Despite the fact that they were spies, of course.

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The original voices of the series were performed by Jennifer Hale as Sam, Andrea Baker as Clover, and Katie Leigh (Seasons 1-2) and Katie Griffin (Seasons 3-6) as Alex. Their voices have become iconic to the characters since the series ran for so long, but reboots, revivals, and adaptations happen all the time.

It would make sense to bring in three big hitters from young Hollywood for the live-action adaptation. Perhaps the three original stars would cameo in the film, like the latest “Power Rangers” film did with the original series stars.

Right now it’s all just fun and games, but a tweet is a powerful thing. A Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o film is on its way because Twitter asked for it. There’s nothing stopping that from happening again.

This “Totally Spies!” film request seems like a good place to start. Come on, Twitter, do your thing!