“Shadowhunters” Season 2 recently saw Clary (Katherine McNamara) finding out the truth about the villainous character Sebastian (Will Tudor).

In episode 19, it was revealed that Sebastian is her long-lost brother, Jonathan. Clary was shocked to know that Jonathan has been near her all this time, but she was even more upset because he almost killed Max (Jack Fulton). In order to stop Jonathan from causing more trouble, Clary stabbed him in the neck and took off with the Mortal Mirror.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Tudor dished on what’s in store for Jonathan in the finale now that his identity has been exposed. “It’s all completely gone wrong now. Everyone knows who he is, there’s no real way he can get close to Clary in his head and so everything that he thought he’d be able to do, he’s unable to do now. So he’s kind of at a loss. All he’s life with is Valentine, which puts him in a rather precarious position,” he said.

When asked if there’s a good side to Jonathan, Tudor said that he definitely thinks so. But since the character is a product of complete neglect, he tends to focus his attention too much on Clary since he believes that she’s his best possibility at redemption.

Meanwhile, Clary and Sebastian also shared a kiss in one episode of “Shadowhunters” Season 2. But it has just been revealed that Sebastian is her brother Jonathan, which means that she and her brother kissed. According to Tudor, it’s not really Jonathan’s intention to develop feelings for his own sister.

“Clary became this idealized person, the one person he feels will not let him down and will always be there for him. It was so overwhelming, those emotions he has for her, that it became almost sexual attraction because he doesn’t know how to channel it, and in the one moment when she’s saying that he’s her brother and she’ll do anything she can for him to hopefully rehabilitate him, he thinks, ‘Yes, all these dreams have come true, she is this person,’ and it kind of flows over and becomes this weird act of affection,” he explained.

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