Lady Cora Clooney
Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) shared a steamy kiss with George Clooney in a holiday sketch. Nick Briggs/Carnival Film and Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

George Clooney has finally arrived at “Downton Abbey.” The actor appeared in a special sketch for ITV’s charity initiative, Text Santa, and the video is available for everyone to swoon over. Finally, fans know exactly whom Clooney kissed.

Rumors have been swirling about Clooney’s appearance, but fans have been speculating mostly about Clooney’s romantic entanglements. Cast members teased that he had plenty of kissing scenes.

“George plants a kiss and Maggie [Smith] ends up on the floor, it's wonderful,” Laura Carmichael told the Telegraph. “He was hilarious."

“He was kissing everybody that day!” Elizabeth McGovern told the Daily Beast.

Clooney indeed kissed the Dowager Countess (Smith) on the hand, but McGovern had a much more passionate lip lock. Luckily, it was in an alternate universe.

The sketch, a parody of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” was much lighter than the usual “Downton” drama. After losing all of his money, Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) thought the world would be better without him. An angel (played by “Absolutely Fabulous” alum Joanna Lumley) showed Lord Grantham what his family would be like without him.

Lady Cora (McGovern) was no longer Lady Grantham, but Lady Hollywood. She married George Oceans Gravity (Clooney), Lord Hollywood. She wasn’t the only one with a new American love interest. Isobel (Penelope Wilton) was seeing a lingerie salesman, played by Jeremy Piven.

Lady Cora’s real husband was shocked when he saw Cora and George together. He couldn’t believe their public display of affection. “She hasn’t let me kiss her like that since—actually, she’s never let me kiss her like that,” Lord Grantham said.

He realized that he must return to his world and face his future. After all, he couldn’t let Lord Hollywood run the estate.

Watch both parts of the sketch below:

Fans shouldn’t expect Clooney to show up in the Season 5 Christmas episode. Lady Cora will likely be happy with Lord Grantham. However, their daughter Lady Mary might get a new love interest in the holiday special.

“Downton Abbey” Season 5 will premiere in the U.S. on Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. EST on PBS. Do you want to see Clooney on an actual episode of “Downton” or was the sketch enough? Sound off in the comments section below!