Gwen Stefani
Dr. Phil praised Gwen Stefani in an interview with "Jimmy Kimmel Live." In Picture: Singer Gwen Stefani attends the grand opening of her 'Gwen Stefani - Just a Girl' residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Dr. Phil is the latest celebrity to join the Gwen Stefani bandwagon. In a recent interview, the TV personality and psychologist praised the singer for giving her best in all of her stage performances. He was able to witness one performance when he took his wife to see the singer perform in Las Vegas.

Stefani shared a video on Instagram that showed Dr. Phil's interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The short clip showed the TV personality, best known for his appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” speak about the performance of the singer. He said that it was “unbelievable” and urged the viewers who haven’t seen the Las Vegas stage performance of the singer to grab their ticket.

Jimmy Kimmel agreed with the host and said that Stefani puts “110 percent” in all her performances. Dr. Phil added that the singer does her best from the minute she steps on to the stage till the last second.

In her post, Stefani thanked Dr. Phil for the praise and said that she loved having him and his wife at her “Just A Girl” show in Las Vegas. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, is a big fan of Stefani, and they both are apparently friendly. Stefani also sent Kimmel some love for praising her dedication to her work.

Meanwhile, Stefani was recently spotted going to church with her son, Foot Wear News reported. The singer was seen wearing a unique butterfly-style high heels. She was dressed in a checkered jacket with belt and black leather pants. Her son was spotted wearing a pair of casual Gucci shoes.

Stefani is primarily a singer, but she has business interests fashion accessories like eyewear, handbag and shoes. She recently launched a new line of sunglasses with some unique designs and patterns.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stefani said that she likes being creative. She explained that the common theme of all her endeavors like writing a song or designing things like eyeglasses is the love for the creative process.

Stefani was initially scared about designing. She was worried about people thinking that she is taking advantage of her fame to make more money. But, now that the people have accepted her designs, she feels happy seeing her products when she walks down the street in a city like New York, where she apparently spots at least five bags she designed every time she hits the streets there.