If you thought some of the brawls on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” were ferocious, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

At the Miss Gay San Juan 2013 pageant in Tarapoto, Peru on Wednesday, one contestant went wild during the crowning ceremony when she believed there was an error when the winner was announced. According to UK’s The Mirror and several other media outlets, the runner-up at the drag pageant believed the wrong winner was crowned and attacked the newly-named Miss Gay San Juan 2013.

As seen in the video footage from Reuters above, as Rihanna’s “Diamonds” played in the background, a runner-up in a green dress attacked the winner, bringing her down to the ground. The dueling ladies engaged in a spar on the stage’s floor, throwing wigs and stabbing each other with high heels. Screams are heard from the audience, who watch in horror as both women are pulled off of one another and dragged off of the stage by security.

The 30-second video footage from the fight has garnered much interest on the Internet, with one version amassing nearly 240,000 views since it was uploaded late last week.